We noticed that a lot of graduate and employee are always after getting a good job and very few attention is given to On-hand training. Espitry has partner with some professional institutions to deliver at least one of the best professional courses that will increase your staff productivity and experience to give the best at all job descriotion.

Successful completion of a professional course yields professional certification. Professional courses focus on improving your ability to succeed in a particular occupation. If you have a clear career objective and desire to gain valuable hands-on experience through vocational training, taking a professional course is ideal.

Most professional courses and certification are awarded by professional bodies within the relevant industry or sector and oftentimes their basic requirement is a first degree i.e. only graduates can enrol for them.

We train and coach employees and employers on the following professional courses:


  1. Human Resources Management Course
  2. Management Course
  3. Risk Management Course
  4. Public Relations Course
  5. Business Management Course
  6. Customer Services Course
  7. Leadership Style & Skills Course

It might interest you to that there are other courses we organize for private individuals based on request. Our staff training are for companies, schools and SMEs.




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